We make sureanybody can use web3.

Simple Crypto builds tools that makes it easy for you to onboard your users onto web3. Save your users hours of confusion with just a few lines of code.

Web3 has never felt so simple

Embeddable Wallet

Use our out-of-the-box embeddable wallet to ensure a smooth user experience. Fully customizable and ships with our APIs.

Fiat NFT Checkout API

Enable your users to buy NFTs with just a credit card. They don't need any crypto, including for gas.

Send Transactions API

Reliably submit transactions to any blockchain with high confidence that they will confirm. Built-in gas estimation and nonce management.

Gasless Transactions API

Ensure your users never worry about gas. You can either subsidize the gas or they can pay for it in an ERC-20 token.

Simulate Transactions API

Give users insight into how their transactions will perform on chain. Detect malicious transactions and prevent fraud.

Smart Transactions

Automatically construct and batch complex token transactions so that using any dapp is seamless for your users.